Monday, June 19, 2017

Good morning,
Boy, I haven't wrote in this in ages! I am excited and anxious! I will be flying out to see my son and grandchildren in just 3 days!! :) :) <3 Thursday June 22nd 2017 Please Lord Jesus keep me safe, and let my flight be on time,
Thank You Lord God for always watching over me, Amen <3 Danny just moved into a new Town House with Nadya and her 4 boys. Nadya is so sweet, I have been talking to and seeing her only on my phone! I love my cell phone because I have gotten to know her so well because of it! But I can't wait to be there with all of them! I have not seen Dominique since she was here about 4 years ago!! Only on the phone! :( So I cannot wait, and she said she can't wait either!! Justice is anxious to see me too!!  Nadya's boys love Danny so much!! Thank You Lord for helping him be happy!! They are Joshuah, Lionel, (Doug's middle name) Landon and Max. Thank You Lord for blessing me with Grandson's and a wonderful new daughter!! <3 <3 I will write again when I get back! Thank You Lord God for Your love and care! AMEN

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